Prague helpline

Basic information
Prague helpline provides nonstop telephonic crisis help and basic counselling. Apart from the telephonic intervention it is possible to use the internet counselling in a form of an e-mail or chat . This service is available to all clients who found themselves in a difficult life situation – irrespectively of age, gender or type of a problem. The only limitation is the ability to communicate in Czech. The center offers to clients anonymity, they don´t have to state neither their name nor the address. Calls are not recorded; the number of client is not displayed.
The services are for free, the client pays only to his/her phone operator according to the tariff used for landline connections or internet connections. It is an independent facility within the frame of the Center of Social Services Prague. Prague helpline doesn´t offer a possibility of individual consultations, but only support via telephone, e-mail or chat.
The Prague helpline also offers information service regarding further psychosocial care for laical as well as professional community. It cooperates with other organizations active in the social-services net, participates on projects focused on services quality development. This facility facilitates professional fellowships under predetermined conditions.

Available services
Telephonic crisis help
Nonstop telephonic crisis help (24 hours a day, 365 days a year) is provided on number 222 580 697.
Contacts are anonymous, the caller doesn´t need (if not willing) to state neither his/her name nor the address. Calls are not recorded, not even the caller´s number is displayed. For these reasons it is not possible to call back the client or to react on SMS messages.

Online chat
The Prague helpline offers counselling and crisis intervention also online via the chat.