Crisis center RIAPS

Crisis center RIAPS – history
Crisis center RIAPS /Regional Institute of Acute Psychosocial Services/ was founded in 1991 in continuation of events of November 1989 and it functions in the region of Prague capital since that time. The impulse for founding was the need to provide citizens of the capital with immediate psychosocial intervention without stigmatization and to prevent unnecessary psychiatric and other hospitalizations in a health care facility. The whole concept of crisis center was based on experiences from abroad where similar centers had already been existing.

General description and basic available services
Crisis center RIAPS je a health care facility providing complex patient care in difficult life situations which threaten his/her psychic health. It connects psychologists, psychiatrists, nurses- therapists and social workers into one team, helping clients to actively resolve their problems. The methods used are primarily crisis intervention, individual and group psychotherapy, relaxation techniques and other body work, pharmacotherapy and social counselling.

Target population/ clients

  • people in a difficult life situation such as personal, developmental, relationship or work related crisis or social crisis

Additional services

  • short-term hospitalization at hospital ward allowing to cope with the crisis period
  • short-term guiding of the client in the daily stationary

Price list of services

  • all services are fully covered by the health insurance

Field of activities according to registration

  • special health care


Contact information

Address : Chelčického 39, 130 00 Praha 3 - MAP

Phone Number: +420 222586768