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Asylum house for women

Asylum house for women (hereafter AH) is a social service facility according to the law 108/2006 on social services. It is a social prevention service according to §53 and further defined as asylum house according to §57.

General description of basic provided service
The mission of the AH is to provide temporary accommodation to women who found themselves in an unfavourable social or life situation and are at risk of social exclusion. Social service provided at AH is based on individual needs of clients, motivates them to actively solve their unfavourable social situation. This social service mentioned above offers clients such support, which preserves and develops in the maximum extent the abilities of each client and limits her dependency on provided service. As an example we can denote job or accommodation search support, communication support with offices and other institutions or support in mediation of contact with institution capable to help in resolution of the client’s unfavourable social situation.

Specification of provided service
AH offers an accommodation service which creates a system of help for individuals in long-term unfavourable social situation coupled with loss of habitation. The objective of this service is to help the individual to get involved in economic, social and cultural life of the society in maximum degree, considering her unfavourable social situation and to support her in such life style which is considered normal in the society.

AH offers:

  • basic social counselling – help in enforcing rights, authorized interests, procuring private matters,
  • accommodation for a given time, standard length of accommodation is 1 month, however this period can be prolonged usually up to 3 months provided the user is actively trying to resolve her unfavourable social situation,
  • regular exchange of bedding
  • possibility of cooking own food in common kitchen
  • hygienic facility in common showers
  • arranged possibility for cleaning of accommodation units as well as of common spaces
  • use of automatic washing machine for fee
  • use of clotheshorse and iron (for free)

Supplementary available services:
possibility of watching the TV in the common Cultural room
help with basic PC usage (available in “Client´s PC room”)
potential use of services of other specialized CSSP facilities

To whom is the service intended?
women older than 18 years
women in a long-term unfavourable social situation coupled with loss of habitation

Admission to AH condition:

  • EU citizenship, preferentially CR
  • Candidate has permanent residency in CR, preferentially in Prague capital,
  • Ability to prove their identity by valid ID card, eventually by other document or passport
  • Reference from a social curator, social worker or an organization with which she cooperates on resolving her unfavourable social or life situation.
  • Despite worsened health status, no need for permanent help from another person
  • No infectious disease (it´s necessary to show the medical report prior signing the contract) – no psychic disease or disorder requiring hospitalization in a health care facility
  • Ability to pay refundable deposit of 200,- CK and to pay ahead for the first 5 days of stay 300,- CK at the signing the contract on social service – ability to regularly pay for accommodation.

Process of admission in AH:

  • Applicants for accomodation finds her social curator or social worker who are helping her in solution of her unfavourable situation
  • Social curator or social worker cotacts the social worker of AH and in a case of free capacity mediates the admission of the applicant (arranges the date of entrance to AH)
  • Applicant for accomodation comes to AH in an advancedordered date
  • Applicant documents actual medical report of nonifectiousness and an identity card, covers at least the above mentioned fee for the services – all before concluding The Contract of Providing the Social Service

Pricelist of provided services:
Refundable deposit 200,- CZK
Accommodation 100,- CZK/a day
Usage of automatic washing mashine 20,-CZK/1 cycle of washing (the washing powder is not included)

AH provides its services on following address: Amortova 1281/7, Prague 12 - Modrany, MAP

Phone Number : +420 296182063