Job Club

What can we offer to you?
In Job Club we are offering counselling, support with finding an emplyoment, access to internet, help with PC service and using of telephone. We are a team of qualified social workers, that offers You its support in a form of one, short or long-term help.

What can we be helpful with?
Counselling is oriented on employment subject, unemployment issues and difficulties, that are connected to it. We can help you orient in your actual oppressive situation, gain an idea about possibilites of using your skills by getting a job, we offer you psychic support, counselling about CV, motivational letter and other subjects. By follow visits in JC you can gain:

information about the possibility of educaiton (requalification, studying)
looking into directiores (with contacts on part-time jobs, cleaning companies, security agencies, baby-sitting, free PC courses...)
help with orientation in job offers (how to recognize bad offers, how eliminate employers demands)

In connection with finding a job you can use technical backround in Job Club, that includes PC connected on internet and fix telephone line.


Ječná 3, 120 00 Praha 2 - MAP

Phone Number : +420 222 515 400