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Programs of primar prevention

Primary prevention of the risk behavior is a set of any medical, social, educational or other interventions and measures aimed at risk behavior prevention, limiting its further progression, diminishing its already existing forms and symptoms or helping resolve its consequences (Miovský, Zapletalová, 2006).

General services description
Prague primary prevention center (PCPP) came into existence in 2008 as a professional methodical center focused on primary prevention of risk behavior in the Prague capital territory.

• We cooperate with schools and other professional organizations and institutions of both public and private sphere.
• We offer methodical support, counselling, supervision and education in particular areas of risk behavior.
• We participate on creation of informational and methodical projects.
• We map the primary prevention services system
• We participate on methodic and evaluation of projects which are part of MHMP grant process of primary prevention area
• We prepare analyses of risk behavior, which are the basis for development of plan and strategies in risk behavior primary prevention in Prague. In this area we also cooperate with MŠMT and MHMP prevention department.
• We participate on scientific-research activity with academic center (1. LF UK and VFN in Prague, FF UK).

Target population
Schools – headmasters, school methodologists of prevention and teachers
Primary prevention programs providers
Professional and public community

You can find detailed information about recent prevention projects and news at web pages of the center at www.prevence-praha.cz