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About us

The Center of Social Services of Prague (CSSP), is a contributory organisation of the Capital of Czech Republic – Prague, which is its establisher. This organisation provides terrain sevices on the first place, but also ambulantory and long-stay services to wide scale of people in difficult life or social situation. The extent of realised services of CSSP includes the services from the social field on the first place, but there are integral also some of the medical or informational services etc. At the same time CSSP focuses its activities also in the field of special education and metodical and conceptual activity in the realm of social services of Prague region.
CSSP was founded in 1998 thanks to a fusion of some till that time independent budgetary organisations. In the course of its existence has this organisations extended a lot – not only in the meaning of number of particular departments, but radically also in the extent of offered services and in the width of the scale of people whome are the services provided to. In the present situation is CSSP one of the biggest social organisations in the capital Prague and also solidly anchored system of mutual interconnected and subsequent help to citizens. The services of CSSP are being used not just by citizens of the Capital Prague, but also people from the whole Czech republic, often the foreigners too.



Centrum sociálních služeb Praha
Zřizovatel hlavní město Praha, příspěvková organizace
Žilinská 2769/2
141 00 Praha 4 - Záběhlice


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